The Hate

(9/18/2023) The Fund for Santa Barbara receives $700,000 in funding from California Department of Social Services Stop the Hate Program

The Fund for Santa Barbara has been awarded $700,000 in funding through the California Department of Social Services Stop the Hate Program. Stop the Hate Program Funding provides grants to qualified organizations to provide support and services to victims and survivors of hate incidents and hate crimes and their families and facilitate hate incident or hate crime prevention measures. 

The FUND, together with their 15 program partners, the Barbareño Chumash Tribal Council, Buen Vecino, C4, Corazón del Pueblo, Diversity Coalition SLO, Diversity Collective, Family Service Agency, Freedom 4 Youth, Healing Justice, NAACP Santa Maria Lompoc, Northern Chumash Tribal Council, Pinaysphere, Planned Parenthood Central Coast, Savie Health, and the Wishtoyo Foundation, will use this funding to advance anti-hate and anti-racist work throughout the Central Coast. Specifically, this funding will be used to strengthen the intersectionality of existing anti-hate work, empower regional anti-hate organizations to successfully advance their work, build opportunities for expansion of anti-hate work at a regional scale, and foster healing spaces for groups and community members who have experienced hate.

When CDSS contacted The FUND earlier this year about applying for this funding, they also hoped they might serve as a regional intermediary to inform other change-making organizations about this opportunity, thereby increasing the number of applications and funding to the Central Coast. This round, STH awarded a total of $3,645,000 was awarded to organizations in the Central Coast region! Learn more about the full award list here

“The Fund for Santa Barbara applauds the intentionality with which the California Department of Social Services is investing in anti-hate and anti-racist work by supporting organizations bridging divides and creating change throughout the state of California”, says FUND Associate Director, Patricia Solorio. For The FUND and their program partners, this funding is a validation of the dynamic grassroots work that is collectively being carried out to create meaningful, lasting change.