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Mickey Flacks

Social Housing Fund

The Mickey Flacks Social Housing Fund was created to honor the life and legacy of community activist and friend of the FUND, Mickey Flacks.

During her 50 years in Santa Barbara, Mickey devoted herself to the advancement of social justice and democracy. She understood access to affordable housing and tenants rights as critical to making her beloved community more livable. She strived to create a model for social housing—housing developed for people’s needs rather than for the market. In this spirit, the Fund for Santa Barbara is proud to carry on Mickey’s commitment to housing equity by way of the Mickey Flacks Social Housing Fund.

Join the FUND in supporting Mickey’s vision for fair, just, and affordable housing in Santa Barbara by clicking below.

The MFSHF will be used to support organizations advocating for and actively leading social housing justice campaigns in Santa Barbara County. Considerations for funding (up to $5,000) include:

  • Efforts to develop cooperative housing;
  • Grassroots organizing for progressive housing policy;
  • Efforts supporting tenant organization;
  • Requests for seed money for innovative housing initiatives.

This project will adhere to the guidelines and priorities of The FUND. Specifically, it gives preference to projects that address the root causes of economic, environmental, political, racial and social problems. The FUND provides seed grants to new grassroots projects; general support or project grants to small organizations; and targeted grants to larger, more established organizations.

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