Making Movements: Disability Activism and Intersectional Advocacy

For over 60 years, people with disabilities have been advocating for accessibility. Join The Fund for Santa Barbara and Independent Living Resource Center for this engaging two-hour workshop in which we’ll explore how the disabled community has mobilized for policy change and to address accessibility obstacles, both historically and in the present day. We’ll learn from community members with disabilities living on the Central Coast and discuss strategies for intersectional allyship and building solidarity across social change movements. 

In this workshop, we’ll explore:

  • What ableism is, and how it manifests in different spaces
  • The history of disability activism, including political organizing strategies and grassroots activism movements
  • Understand current challenges, including a lack of cross-movement solidarity 
  • Engage in conversation with local activists and members of the disabled community, and how peers can move into strong allyship

Join us on Wednesday, July 24th from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm on Zoom.

To request an accommodation, please contact Jacob by July 19th:

[email protected]

A part of our 2024 Making Movements: Changemakers, Nonprofits, and Action program, participants will engage in a dedicated space for understanding allyship and moving towards co-conspiratorship for different marginalized groups on an individual and organizational level, and perhaps most importantly – how we as individuals and organizations can be a part of the larger movement for justice. Participants will engage in understanding local history, systemic barriers, and current movements for social change through connecting with and learning from leading activists to build regional movement support.