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THE FUND currently has six Funding Programs.

General Grants

In an effort to amplify our impact, we have decided to shift our General Grantmaking Cycles from two cycles to one annual cycle starting in 2024.
  • Offered annually
  • Maximum request:
    • Established partners with a significant funding history with The FUND: up to $20,000
    • Unincorporated groups and new applicants: up to $10,000
  • Length of Funding: 12 Months

Multi-Year Grants

  • Offered concurrently with the General Grant Cycle
  • Only available to organizations that have a significant funding history with The FUND
  • Maximum request and award amount is $10,000 per year, for 3 years ($30,000 total)
  • Length of funding: 3 years (distributed annually)

Emerging Needs Grants

The Fund for Santa Barbara’s Emerging Needs Grant Program responds to organizing efforts that need immediate financial assistance. The situation must be one that could not have been foreseen by the organization.

  • Offered year round until funds are exhausted
  • Maximum request: $5,000 for unforseen circumstances
  • Length of funding: 3 months (rapid response for urgent needs)
We will not consider:
  • Poor planning and management
  • Cash flow problems
  • Depletion of funds
  • Insufficient fundraising efforts
We will consider:
  • A request in response to an issue that has just emerged or an opportunity that has just presented itself, neither of which could have been foreseen.

Youth Making Change

  • Offered in the Fall
  • Maximum request: $3,000 for youth-led projects
  • Length of funding: 6 months

Project Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must be youth-led (age 12-24.) Youth are leaders in all aspects of the project, including the writing of the grant application.
  • Must operate in a democratic manner, responsive to and directed by the group of people being served;
  • Teens in the community must benefit from the project, not just the planning team.
  • Must attempt to fix a problem affecting youth by providing a solution.
  • Must be located in Santa Barbara County.
  • Must have a sponsoring organization, such as a school or community group

Mickey Flacks Social Housing Fund

  • Offered year-round until funds are exhausted
  • Maximum request: $5,000 for social housing initiatives
  • Length of funding: 12 months

      Learn More About Mission & Eligibility 

Racial Equity Fund of The County of Santa Barbara

  • Offered in collaboration with the County of Santa Barbara
    • Funding availability subject to Board of Supervisors fiscal budget approval
  • Maximum request: up to $100,00
  • Length of funding: 12 months

      Learn More About Mission & Eligibility 

*REF funding cannot be used for lobbying, legal strategy, or 501(c)4 work

To be eligible for any grant program, organizations must meet our Funding Guidelines and Priorities.

El FUND actualmente tiene cuatro Programas de Becas:

Becas de un año

  • Ofrecidas en ciclos de financiamiento en la primavera y el otoño
  • El pedido y asignación máximos son $10,000
  • Duración del financiamiento: 12 meses

Becas de años múltiples

  • Ofrecidas exclusivamente como parte del ciclo de financiamiento del otoño
  • Solamente disponibles para organizaciones que tienen una historia de financiamiento significativa con el FUND
  • El pedido y asignación máximos son $10,000 por año, durante 3 años (total de $30,000)
  • Duración del financiamiento: 3 años (distribuido anualmente)

Becas para necesidades emergentes

  • Ofrecidas todo el año hasta que se agoten los fondos
  • Pedido máximo: $5,000 por circunstancias inesperadas
  • Duración del financiamiento: 3 meses (respuesta rápida para necesidades urgentes)

Jóvenes por el Cambio (Youth Making Change)

  • Ofrecidas en el invierno
  • Pedido máximo: $3,000 para proyectos dirigidos por jóvenes
  • Duración del financiamiento: 6 meses

Para ser elegible, una organización debe cumplir con nuestras Guías y Prioridades para los Fondos.