Central Coast Community Organizer Training

Join us at Central Coast Community Organizer Training with The Fund for Santa Barbara, Central Coast Alliance for a United and Sustainable Economy (CAUSE), and the McCune Foundation. This is an opportunity for new and emerging organizers to learn the essentials of grassroots community organizing to build the capacity of your organization to form committees of leaders through grassroots organizing and ensure that your organization’s campaigns center and are led by those most impacted by the problems you’re working to address. Sharpen your strategic skills around picking viable issues, communicating persuasively and building a strategy to win! 

In this workshop, new and emerging community organizers will:

  • Strengthen their understanding of how grassroots organizing can shift structures of power and injustice
  • Learn the concrete skill of relationship building and recruitment via personal visits, house meetings, classroom presentations, tabling and more
  • Be trained in tangible skills including developing strategic campaigns, conducting a power analysis and crafting persuasive messages 
  • Gain hands-on experience with door-to-door canvassing and one-one-ones

This training is intended for new and emerging community organizers, staff at local nonprofits who integrate community organizing practices into their work, and grassroots community leaders and activists with those organizations.

We will be hosting our trainings on October 20-22nd in Santa Maria. While groups from all counties are welcome to attend any training, preference will be given based on geographical accessibility. 

Due to limited space, organizations interested in the October training must submit an application to participate by September 20th.