The Fund for Santa Barbara

Funding Exchange Network

The Fund for Santa Barbara is a member of the Funding Exchange - a national network of publicly supported, community-based foundations who share a commitment to social change philanthropy.

The Funding Exchange is a unique partnership of activists and donors dedicated to building a base of support for progressive social change through fundraising for local, national and international grantmaking programs.

More than 25 years ago, charter members of the Funding Exchange pioneered the idea of community-based philanthropy based on two primary characteristics: the work we support and the people involved.

The Work:

The Funding Exchange network supports progressive community-based organizations that address the root causes of social problems. We reach beyond direct services (valuable as they are) to directly address the underlying conditions that foster inequity, lack of opportunity, discrimination, and economic exploitation.

The People:

In keeping a vision based on democratic values, our decision-making bodies are representative of the communities served by our grantmaking programs.Community activists participate in governance and grantmaking decisions, along with donors, many of whom are themselves activists.

While traditional charities generally respond to the symptoms of entrenched social problems, the Funding Exchange network supports those who identify underlying causes and working to change these conditions. This is a core value of progressive social change as reflected in the phrase, Change, not Charity™.

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