The Fund for Santa Barbara

About the Fund for Santa Barbara

The FUND FOR SANTA BARBARA is a 501c3 nonprofit community foundation dedicated to addressing the root causes of social, economic, environmental and political challenges in Santa Barbara County.

The FUND raises money through donations of all sizes in order to provide grants and technical assistance to local grassroots efforts. The FUND supports community-based projects working for "Change, Not Charity" through a variety of strategies including community organizing, direct action, popular education, legislative advocacy and the arts.

For more than thirty years, the FUND has been at the forefront of responsive and progressive philanthropy in our community, distributing over $5 million to more than 900 grassroots projects working for social justice, fair and affordable housing, accessible education, economic renewal, and a clean and healthy environment for all.

Grants Program

The Fund directs a local grant-making program that supports organizations working for social, economic, environmental and political change throughout Santa Barbara County. Community activists play a central role in the decision-making process. The Fund believes that conditions improve most dramatically when those who are most affected by an issue come together and organize to confront its root causes..

Technical Assistance

The Fund works with more than 200 community groups each year providing technical assistance in the areas of organizational development, fundraising, community organizing, media strategy, lobbying and advocacy.

The Fund regularly serves as an activist network center to promote coalition building among diverse groups and actively collaborates with other local foundations to strengthen the local non-profit community.

A Quarter Century of Change not Charity

video still

In celebration of 25 years of social, environmental, economic and political change work, the Fund for Santa Barbara created this 16-minute documentary film...
View it here!

Directed by Geoff Green
Produced by Candace Schermerhorn
Edited by Renee Bergan